We provide funding for litigation

Claims without the risk of litigation costs

Litigation funding with LEXDROIT® International

Bearing the risk of litigation costs

»LEXDROIT International« bears the risk of litigation costs in full and, if the claim is successful, receives a share in the litigation proceeds which is agreed in advance. The claimant is relieved from the outset from paying all court and expert fees, lawyer's fees, costs for witness statements and costs of execution.

As litigation funder »LEXDROIT International« fills a gap in legal protection for claimants, in particular where these have no legal protection cover, litigation assistance has been denied or these are not in a position to bear the risk of litigation costs.


The prerequisite is that the claimant has a claim of at least € 100,000.00 and the defendant is sufficiently credit-worthy. The value of the dispute can be composed of a bundle of claims by more than one claimant.


After receiving sufficiently informative documentation »LEXDROIT International« reviews the prospects of litigation being successful. The review does not result in costs for the claimant. The claimant is then informed whether »LEXDROIT International« would bear the risk of litigation costs of a claim. »LEXDROIT International« does not provide legal advice.

Advantages for the claimant

The claimant profits from full advance financing of all costs and remains 100% risk-free in terms of costs. »LEXDROIT International« thus offers the claimant an opportunity to strengthen its (out-of-court) negotiating position against the defendant and therefore ensures that claims can be asserted from the outset without risk, by the lawyer of its choice.

Main focus of the company

One of »LEXDROIT International´s« particular focuses is primarily the funding of litigation costs of individual or bundled claims being asserted against financial institutions, insurance companies, professionals, companies or bodies. In addition to litigation »LEXDROIT International« also assumes the costs and fees for out-of-court procedures and pre-trial negotiations and also offers consumer and interest groups as well as insolvency administrators the possibility of mutual cooperation.

Data protection

»LEXDROIT International« warrants that all information provided by the claimant will be handled confidentially and only handed over to persons who are under a confidentiality obligation by virtue of law or under private law and professionals in connection with a review of the prospects of success of a claim.